Why Off-Lease? Lets start off by explaining that we only sell cars we do NOT lease them.


What is a leased vehicle?

When you lease a vehicle your agreeing to owning the vehicle for a certain amount of time with an
allotted amount of miles for use. In return you only have to finance the amount of money the leasing
company thinks the vehicle will lose in value at the end of the lease. For example, you lease a car that
costs $30,000 after 3 years of leasing the bank may assume the vehicle will be worth $18,000. So the
difference, $12,000, is what you are financing with a lease.

With the average sales price of a new vehicle being $36,113 in 2017, leasing has become a way for car
manufacturers to keep payments low enough to continue moving new cars off the showroom floor.
If you exceed the miles allowed or damage the car you may be charged a fee at the end of the lease. This
can get expensive so people usually take better care of the vehicle and keep the miles low to avoid
penalty. We personally don't recommend leases because they can lead to unexpected expenses at the end
of the lease. Although, we're glad so many people lease vehicles so we always have a great selection of
inventory when the lease expires!


What is “Off-Lease”?

We specialize is vehicles that were formally leased or "off-lease". Since there are so many leases
expiring, off-lease vehicles are becoming an incredible value. The fear of a huge fee at the end of a lease
means off-lease vehicles are usually in better condition with low miles. Many of our vehicles are half of
their original MSRP only 3 years later! Better yet many still have their factory “bumper to bumper” and
power-train warranties remaining.

To us off-lease means low miles, factory warranty, and clean vehicles at a great value. This is why you'll
see such great reviews about our company online, from your friends, and from your family. Combine
great vehicles, transparent “no haggle” pricing, comprehensive certification process, and you'll never
want to shop anywhere else for your vehicle needs.